Flathead Ford Engine Rebuilding

Now is the time to rebuild that tired Model ‘A’ engine. Schwalm’s Babbitted Bearings has been rebuilding A’s for over 40 years. Please contact us to review your individual needs.

Model "A" & "B" SHORT BLOCK - $2,995.00

  • Clean and magnaflux block and crankshaft
  • Bake and airless blast block, resurface, bore cylinders, install hard valve seats, rebabbitt, alignbore
  • Grind and fit crankshaft
  • Rebabbitt connecting rods, regrind camshaft
  • New pistons, rings, stainless steel valves, guides, adjustable tappets, valve springs and timing gears
  • The block is sprayed with cast iron gray metal prep. It is ready for your Ford engine green

Model "A" & "B" LONG BLOCK - $3,750.00
Same as the short block, plus the following:

  • Clean, magnaflux and resurface cylinder head
  • Rebuild oil pump assembly
  • New oil pump drive gear, head studs and nuts, manifold studs/washers/nuts, crankshaft pulley and ratchet
  • Beadblast and paint all covers, head and block with Ford engine green
  • Spray oil pan, oil fill tube and oil return tube black
  • Assemble engine after painting, using new oil pan bolts, valve cover bolts and timing cover bolts with proper finish.
**Not included in Short and Long Block prices are crack repair (customer risk), repair of broken head studs and cylinder sleeving. Also, if the block is not rebuildable, a fee is charged for disassembly, degrease and magnaflux.**

Engine balancing - $225.00
Balance connecting rods, crankshafts and machine pistons for match weight.
Lightened "A" flywheel with V8 Ford pressure plate balanced separately on your crankshaft. - $525.00
Counterbalanced crankshaft with wraparound weights - $595.00 (exchange)
Weights are laser cut and then bored for shrink fit. Crank diameters are ground in progressive sizes to fit counterweights. Weights are pinned on both sides of each weight for location. This price is for installing the weights only. Crank purchased without engine rebuild is $965.00. (exchange)
Larger Performance Intake Valves- $295.00
New Clutch Disc (USA) - $45.00
Touring Grind Camshaft- $95.00
Surface Manifold Side of Block - $150.00
Sleeve Block to STD - $495.00
Machine for Oversize Tappets - $95.00
Cam Bearings Installation - $495.00
Includes boring block for cam bearings, cam bearings, grinding cam bearings to .010 undersize, and installation of cam bearings
Insert Mains- $800.00 (additional cost for long or short block rebuild)
New Model 'A' Insert Rods Upgrade- $375.00 (additional cost for long or short block rebuild)
Full Oil Pressure Available
    Engine Components
    Distributor $195.00
    New Zenith Carburetor (Subject to availability) $550.00
    Water Pump/Leakless Bushing/Modern Front Bearing $165.00
    Starter Motor (Rebuild) $250.00
    Generator (Rebuild) $250.00
    Resurface Manifold Assembly $150.00
    Rebuilt Oil Pump (exchange) $175.00
    New Exhaust Manifold (not coated) $115.00
    New Exhaust Manifold (coated) $195.00
    Intake $99.95
    Transmission Assembly
    Transmission Gear Box Rebuild
    (with new gears, bearings and shafts)
    Shifting Tower (New Shifter) $275.00
    Bell Housing/Peddles $275.00
    Seal Shifter Shafts in Bell Housing $75.00
    Running Gear Components
    Steering Box Rebuild $695.00
    7 Tooth Steering Box and Column Rebuild (Painted)
    (less steering wheel and horn rod)
    2 Tooth Steering Box and Column Rebuild (Painted)
    (less steering wheel and horn rod)
    Front Axle Rebuild (less spring & brakes) $2375.00
    Rear Differential Rebuild (less spring & brakes) $2995.00
    Cast Iron Brake Drum Conversion* $3975.00

    * This also includes a complete rebuild of all brake related parts, except the emergency brake cross shaft (less wheel bearings)

Prices updated February 2022. Subject to change without notice.